HD Photo Packs are delivered via secure download for your file record. Each image, when viewed at full size, reveals detail that is not visible to the naked eye.

How are the images taken? Using professional grade Nikon DSLR equipment on site and enhanced for detail in post processing.



  1. Many Lot owners are investors and don't get to physically see their investments. The photo packs can potentially be made available by you, to your clients. This makes Network Pacific appear to be providing additional value, and improves your clients satisfaction.

  2. Can be used as a reference, when issues arise, referring to an image may be invaluable and save site inspections.

  3. Site Inspections by OC Managers can add all sorts of liability issues and supported the thought that HD images may provide a win win solution.

  4. Monitor deterioration over time. As valuation inspections are conducted every 3-5 years, the images will provide a good reference point to monitor all sorts of degradation issues, both current and over long periods of time.

  5. Photos are taken on a 16.1 mega pixel professional DSLR providing exceptional detail when zooming in or when viewed at full size. They can show detail beyond what would be visible to the naked eye. Photos are professionally developed to enhance detail and dynamic range.

  6. HD Photo Pack Delivery would be via a free cloud service, such as Dropbox or similar, to avoid email server issues.